Upcoming Stress Detox Series

Call 902-667-2227 to register

Maximum 6 participants.

Tuesday Evenings

June 20, 2023 to
July 25, 2023

6-week session
5:30pm to 6:30pm

Fridays at Noon

June 16, 2023 to
July 28, 2023

6-week session
noon – 1:00pm

Stress Detox

Stress Detox Group Session at Gateway

What is Stress Detox?

Stress Detox, also known as Acu-Detox, is an auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment using the “5-points” protocol

The treatment helps to increase mental clarity, improve alertness and promote relaxation and healthy sleeping patterns. It can reduce aches, pains and muscle spasms, as well as decrease cravings, anxiety, depression and anger, encouraging inner peace.

Tired, apathetic people report an increased sense of vitality during and after an Acu-Detox treatment. Most people experience relaxation and a more centred state of mind.

Stress Detox at Gateway Wellness

Throughout the year, Gateway will offer a series of Stress Detox treatments in a small group setting (maximum 6 participants) at our office.

These sessions include auricular acupuncture (or ear seeds, if preferred), a guided meditation and detoxifying tea. Sessions are billed $110 every two weeks.

Many insurance companies cover Acupuncture sessions.

Check with your provider for coverage requirements.

Stress Detox sessions are also available in a corporate or workplace setting, through our Stress Busters program.

We may also offer special sessions from time to time in the community.

Common Questions

Does it hurt?

Most often people barely feel the needle going in. Sometimes a point will be sensitive, but it is a small sting or brief pinch. If a needle bothers you during the treatment, let the acupuncturist know and they will adjust it for you. There should be no pain or discomfort during the treatment itself.

What if I don’t like needles?

Acupuncture needles are very tiny and different from Hypodermic needles. If you prefer, you can choose to have ear seeds (radish seed on a bandaid) put on the 5 points. Simply being present in the environment with others being treated is also very therapeutic and beneficial.

Detoxification Tea

The 5 points on the ear are:


1. Shenmen point:

Helps you open your mind to solutions and overcome stress.

2. Sympathetic point:

Helps you get out of “fight or flight” response and helps to reduce pain and promote greater health.

3. Kidney point:

Helps with improving memory, reducing pain in knees & back and promoting wisdom to move forward without fear.

4. Liver point:

Helps to strengthen digestion, reduce muscle cramps, depression, frustration and anger. Empowers courage to change and strengthens willpower.

5. Lung point:

Helps to detoxify and release stress around grief/sadness. Improves self respect, integrity and promotes inspiration.