Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine widely practiced in China and also found in regions of south-east Asia, Europe and the Americas. The theories of acupuncture hold that the human body acts as a small universe connected by channels, and that by physically stimulating these channels the practitioner can promote the human body’s self-regulating functions and bring health to the patient.

This stimulation involves the insertion of needles into points on these channels, with the aim to restore the body’s balance and prevent and treat disease. In acupuncture, needles are selected according to the individual condition and used to puncture and stimulate the chosen points.

NADA Ear Acupuncture is an adjunct therapy which is clinically effective, cost-effcient, drug-free and compatible cross-culturally. It can easily be established within behavioral health, addictions or disaster relief settings or in any location that a group of people can sit together.  When combined application of acupuncture with counseling, education, medical support and self-help groups such as AA and NA enhances opportunities for success.


Benefits Show:

•  Reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine
•  Minimized withdrawal symptoms
•  Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation
•  Relief from stress and emotional trauma
•  An easier connection with counseling
•  A discovery of inner quiet and strength
•  An intention for recovery

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Use Acupuncture for balancing the body’s energy to enhance a natural healing process.

Treatments for:

•  Chronic Pain, Migraines, Back/Neck/Shoulder pain
•  Weight Loss and Digestion
•  Relieving Addictions/Cravings
•  Anxiety and Depression
•  Painful Menstruation and/or Infertility
•  Common Cold, Sinus congestion and Breathing problems