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Pain to Passion and Purpose

to Loved

A 3-step Series

Step One: Shake it Off!

Body Exercise: Brush down and “Shake it off”

  • Set up space that allows you to stretch out.
  • Play some music that makes you feel good and that you can move to.
  • Tune into the sensations in your body and mind and notice where you are holding stress.
  1. Brush down from your head to your toes. Heat rises and so does Stress. Brushing down the stress will help you discharge it from your body.
  2. Start to shake your hands, then add your elbows, shoulders, head and chest.
  3. Shake your hips. Keep your knees bent and then stomp your feet and shake out each leg.

Shake off for at least 2 minutes (or longer)!

When you’re finished, stand still and feel what is different in your mind and body.

Make notes in your notebook if you choose. This will help you experience the value and benefit of moving the stuck – stress in your body so it doesn’t get toxic.

Partner Exercise:

This is a fun and playful exercise to do as a couple or in your family.

You can imagine taking away all the heavy tension and stress that is in your loved one’s body.

Enjoy giving and receiving and shaking things off together.

Step Two: Breathe

How we breathe is how we live.


When we hold our breath, we hold tension in both our mind and body.

This is a Mindset practice to help you stay healthy and resourceful when obstacles arise.

Listen and follow along with these three audio files:

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Breathing Practice & Future Vision Reference Guide

Step Three: Future Vision

Two Part Video + Audio Exercise


Review the Three Steps to go from Stressed to Loved