Yin Yoga Online

10 Classes with Stephanie Allen

Winter Session: SUNDAYS at 7:30PM (Atlantic)

January 22 – March 26, 2023


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What is Yin Yoga?

The Heart of the Practice is not in the structure or dogma, or even the postures themselves, it is in our experience of the practice. Yin Yoga teaches us to relax and accept ourselves just the way we are.

Providing Restorative Rest, the focus is primarily on the hips, low back and knees: foundations that will also affect the upper body. Yin Yoga works specifically with connective tissue and fascia, systems which often hold tension that can result in chronic pain and stress.

Through the practice we can experience release of these systems, providing a deeper sense of connection and peace with yourself and your world. It is gentle, deep and restorative practice.

Classes are structured as Pose, Rest, Pose, Rest. Postures are held for 3-5 minutes and are done in a lying down position. You should wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move and bring a mat, blanket, bolster (or pillows) and a strap (or scarf/necktie).


Guidelines for Yin Yoga:

  • Breathe. Let Go. Go Slow.
  • Less is More.
  • Comfortably Uncomfortable.