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by | Sep 17, 2020

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, pain and lack of fulfillment or are seeking more Work-Life Balance and you are ready to find your “Happy Place” then you will be interested in finding your Flow, the “path of least resistance.”

Being in flow is the opposite of being stressed.

As a society, we are programmed to “fit into the box” instead of being encouraged to develop our natural gifts and strengths.

Self discovery is the solution to overcoming life’s struggles, and getting into flow is finding our way.

As a Therapist, for over 30 years I’ve helped seekers source love and connection, unpack their gifts and strengths and clarify their values and longings.

We hold so much stress and tension in our bodies, which when left unaddressed causes pain and discomfort in our health and our lives.

Tuning in to our deep self helps us source courage and confidence to illuminate our true self.

Finding your flow will help you gain greater clarity, self confidence and courage to live the life your heart is longing for.

You have an abundance of gifts, strengths, love, joy and potential that lies within.

The problem is… Many of us don’t make time or space or even know what we truly want until our bodies or life starts screaming at us!

This is where I bring my gifts and strengths to help others.

Many people come to me with a dissatisfaction. Sometimes it’s a challenge or stress, sometimes it’s “chronic pain” or anxiety. Sometimes it comes as a “calling” or “longing” for something more.

By utilizing skills that I have gained from 30 years in practice, along with tools from Bodywork, Energy Therapies, Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, Yoga and Fitness Training. I’ve consistently witnessed pain as a symptom that is more than just physical.

Pain is often our deep self trying to get our attention to help us discover a treasure that is buried in our tissues.

Issues in our tissues

We all have a calling to become our True Selves. That is our reason for being.

Some find that pain is the gateway to making change or becoming the person we were born to be. Others are inspired by a dream or passion to change.

We all would prefer the latter, but sometimes pain is a sign that we are ready. So embrace that pain as an opportunity to wake up, remember who and why we are here and to reset our lives to receive the blessings and serve in a way that contributes to a better world.

So if you want more flow and less stress, or if you are seeking more clarity and connection to your purpose, check out the many offerings that we have at Gateway Wellness to get you out of struggle and into flow.

If you are ready, let’s have a conversation and get you started. This is such a great time to discover your path of least resistance and help yourself feel better in every area of your life.

If you have questions and want to know how getting into flow might help you, please connect with me.

See you in the flow!

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie Allen (BSc, RMT, LAc.) is an expert at unleashing people's potential. She's passionate about people who seek a new mindset and inspiration to make a "Shift Happen." Book Stephanie to make an inspired shift in your mind/body to claim your right relationship with work and life. Book a Session

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