The Way of the Heart

The Way of the Heart sessions offer a way to be in relationship with your body, mind and spirit to reclaim inner and outer freedom, love and alignment with your true self.

Often pain and/or an unfulfilled life or relationships may represent a disconnection to our ‘True Self.”

By offering Stress Management Tools, practices and education, this process enhances a deeper connection and awareness to your ‘True Self’ and restores a life filled with health, happiness and enriched relationships.

Combining The Way of the Heart with any practice can offer a unique and powerful approach to the health and wellbeing of each client that is the trademark of service of Gateway Development.

The Way of the Heart Media

Interview with Daniel Goodenough

Daniel Goodenough is the co-founder of The Way of the Heart, a way of being that allows you to release energetic blocks to connect with your authentic Self and life purpose.

In this interview Daniel will explain this innovative healing system. You’ll also learn about the science behind the field work and living from the call of your Ideal Self.

A Conversation with Daniel Goodenough

Conversations for a Compelling Future: Exposing the Myth of Scarcity.

What If

A short film about The Way of the Heart, by Gretchen Smith

At the Kitchen Table

An interview on CFTA 107.9 FM Featuring Dorothy Becker and Stephanie Allen. Hosted by Deanne Fitzpatrick and Frank Allen.