Modalities Available at Gateway Development

The Way of the Heart:


The body can hold the expression of emotional & mental stress from our lives that over time, if unaddressed, will manifest as chronic pain & dysfunction. The Way of the Heart process offers a way to be in relationship with your body, mind & spirit to reclaim your freedom, love & beauty for yourself & your world. This process enhances a

deeper connection to your Life Mission that will restore a life filled with health, happiness & enriched relationships for you & your loved ones.

At Gateway Development each session is more than just a healthy experience, we approach it as sacred practice. That means session are designed specifically with your needs i.n mind, providing a space to help you attune to your true self and inner guidance for love, harmony and healing.  Come and experience the Life enhancing seminars, adventure tourism, empowerment tools and personal therapy to help you grow and realize your dreams

Myofascial Release Therapy:

276-smallMyofascial Release Therapy addresses the connective tissue (& scar tissue) of the body. When the body has experienced poor posture, stress, surgeries and injuries the fascial system will bear down and compresses the bones and muscles reducing both blood flow and range of motion. Myofascial techniques are specifically designed to address chronic pain and poor mobility in a way that is both gentle and effective for the client.

The Way of the Heart process offers a Way to be in relationship with your Body, Mind and Spirit to reclaim inner and outer freedom, love and alignment with your true Self. Often pain and/or an unfulfilled life or relationships may represent a disconnection to our ‘True Self”. By offering Stress Management Tools, practices and education, this process enhances a deeper connection and awareness to your ‘True Self’ and restores a life filled with health, happiness and enriched relationships. Combining The Way of the Heart with any practice, can offer a unique and powerful approach to the health and well-being of each client that is the trademark of service of Gateway Development.

Office/‘OnSite’ Stress Busters & Mindfulness Sessions:public_speaking

Using visualization, breathing and relaxation techniques to restore your body and renew your mind.  Enjoy guided meditations, journeys and stress management techniques to empower your life and your relationships.  Available for Speaking engagements, Lunch and Learn sessions, Onsite Massage or full day programs for groups.

Massage Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage:

Knowing hands smoothing the muscles and fascia of the back“Hands on” therapy to release pain and restore movement and freedom to your Mind and Body.  When you’re stuck in your body, you get stuck in your life.  Make a shift happen!  Covered by most Insurance companies.





Balacupuncture-for-tinnitusancing the body’s energy to enhance a natural healing process.
Treatments for:

•  Chronic Pain, Migraines, Back/Neck/Shoulder pain
•  Weight Loss, Digestion
•  Relieving Addictions/Cravings
•  Anxiety, Depression,
•  Painful Menstruation, infertility
•  Common Cold, Sinus congestion and Breathing problems