Luciano Onichino

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Luciano is a Registered Massage Therapist and also obtained a B.A. in Psychology. His varied career has often placed him in positions of care for mentally challenged and at-risk children and youth.

Additionally, being an attentive father of three has helped hone his listening skills and sensibilities for growth and personal development across the life span.

Luciano’s approach to therapeutic massage consistently attempts to investigate the underlying precursors to dysfunctional patterns at the soft tissue level, therefore, re-establishing long-term healthy, functional patterns.

A firm believer that the body is an excellent communicator, it is his role to ‘listen,’ and furthermore, to assist his clients in becoming increasingly in tune with their bodies while on their healing journey.

Whether you are an elite athlete, living with emotional trauma, suffering from acute physical trauma, searching for new directions, or simply on a maintenance regimen, together you can explore the most appropriate course of action and treatment to meet your goals.

With a lifetime of physical endeavours as evidence, he confidently claims that Movement is Therapy! Incidentally, a gentle emphasis on including some form of movement in reaching your well-being and personal goals is a guarantee.

Luciano thrives in the outdoors; mountain biking, hiking or sailing and on the mats; yoga and martial arts.

He looks forward to meeting you wherever you are on your healing journey, collaborating toward the potentials for change and restoration.

Had a glorious massage with Luciano today…so calm and intentional in his treatment. Loved it!!