Corporate Offerings

Scaling up Corporate Culture

  • In as little as 15 minutes, we can turn problems into solutions!
  • Let us relax their minds and ease their pain all in the comfort of your facility.

On-site Massage:

Reward your employees, raise moral, and help your coworkers manage pain created by their daily tasks.

Participation – 99% of your employees will take part in a chair massage program, study after study have shown this to be true.

Cost – Chair massage is often cheaper than providing free coffee or soda and healthier.
Effectiveness – Same day results that last for weeks.

Investment : $250 – 2 hr Session includes 6 – 15-minute Massages for employees

Group Acu-Detox & Meditation:

This class uses the ‘5 points’ protocol (Auricular Acupuncture)to promote courage, serenity, compassion & self love and to Detox from behaviours and thoughts that contribute to addictions and illness. The session helps participants overcome cravings, anxiety, sleep disturbances and need for pharmaceuticals. Guided Visualization, breathing & meditation techniques are practiced followed with soothing Detox Tea.

Investment: series of 6 sessions for $800 (covered by most health Insurance) (limited to 8 participants/session)

Productivity & Relationship Building

Leveraging Human Capital and get your employees into Flow. This assessment
and coaching tool will uncover gifts, talents, strengths and weakness to amplify
potential for growth and productivity. Enhances working relationships,
promotes a healthy work culture and aligns people to
passion and purpose.

Investment: $197/person includes assessment and individual
debriefing ( Min 8 people)

Overcoming Stress & aligning to purpose

What do you do when you get stressed, overwhelmed or experience pain? This 3 hours training will help you learn what to do and how to overcome limitations of anger, distraction, doubt and fears. A simple process that can be learned to help an intention & meaning everyday.

Investment: $99/person (Min 10)

Stats Canada report on Job Stress (May 4, 2017)

When Employees experience a lack of support from their organization the
following occurs:

  • increased absenteeism
  • withdrawal behaviours
  • conflict between staff
  • strain – which can lead to fatigue, headaches, burnout and anxiety
  • High staff turnover
  • loss of productivity
  • increased costs
  • greater risk of accidents, incidents and injuries

Don’t become a Negative Statistic…
Let us help you Lift your People, Productivity and Profits. Call today.


Yin Yoga Massage:


Combining Yin Yoga and Massage Therapy. Yin Yoga is a slow, passive form of yoga designed to access & restore the deep tissue, connective tissue & fascia. Postures focus on hips, low back, legs & to realign posture in a passive & safe relaxing way. The focus of this class is to help you tune into the body & tune out stress that will improve overall health & relieve tension in the upper & lower body.

Investment : $45/Class    ~ or ~    $180/Series (6 classes =  1 series)


Got Balls, Bolsters & Facial Freedom:


Using Massage Balls & Yoga Bolsters, each class is designed around your therapeutic needs. This class teaches you how to maintain & balance your body. Yoga Bolsters provide support stretching tissues in a gentle & restorative position. Massage Balls directly work on areas to release deep tension, facilitate healing & relaxation.

Investment : $45/Class    ~ or ~    $180/Series (6 classes =  1 series)


Group Acu-Detox & Meditation:


This class uses the ‘5 points’ protocol (Auricular Acupuncture)to promote courage, serenity, compassion & self love. The session helps you overcome cravings, anxiety, sleep disturbances and need for pharmaceuticals.  Guided Visualization, breathing & meditation techniques are practiced followed with soothing Detox Tea.

Investment : $45/Class    ~ or ~    $180/Series (6 classes =  1 series)


Life Mission Gatherings:


Why am I Here?  What does “That” call me to do?  Who does that call me to become?
Discover your Life Mission, Find your Purpose! These gatherings help you learn and practice techniques to become skillful to live life with an intention & meaning everyday. Why wait any longer to…Live an Extra-Ordinary life!

Investment: $99 for 4 months



What’s a tele-seminar?

•  four – 45 min Workshops on the telephone (you’ll get recordings of live sessions)
•  two – 30 min – Private Coaching Calls – recorded for your records.
•  one hour (in Person Transformational Session) or two  additional – 30 min coaching calls.

Benefits of Monthly Intensive
• Reach Goals and achieve your dreams
• Gain support & willpower to overcome obstacles & empower your life.
• Get the Results you have been wanting and with ease, joy and Success!

Tele-seminars Include:

Eat, Sleep Breathe

•  Improve your Sleep,
•  Become resilient to Stress,
•  Increase your health, happiness and have more energy.
From a Chinese Perspective, Food is Medicine. What we eat informs not only weight, it also drives our mood, resolves pain and enhances body temperature and sleep. This program will give you the insight, plan to empower you to take back your


What are YOU Weighting for?

Emotionally & Mentally we make choices that cause us to sabotage our efforts to “lighten-up”
Lose the weight, and know the emotional, mental triggers that cause Weight Gain!
This is a Weight program designed  to improve your Self-Esteem and Confidence that will help you take OFF pounds and keep them off!


Go from Pain to Passion &  Purpose

Do you suffer from chronic pain, migraines and/or dis-ease?
The Body speaks the language of our Soul.  Pain can be the doorway to discover hidden gifts and more love.
What if…the pain you suffer could be your opportunity?… This Workshop will help you uncover what the Body wants to give you!


Business from the Inside-Out

•  Do you find yourself stretched in too many directions and wishing you had a system or support that could handle it for you?
•  Are you overwhelmed with a never ending “to do List” that robs time and energy from what you really want to be doing?
•  Do you loose focus, momentum and inspiration that you need to reach your Goals and Dreams?
•  Gain clarity on how to use time and money to stay inspired and focused
•  Identify your top 3 actions that are guaranteed to bring your business success.
•  Reach your Goals and achieve your dreams
•  Overcome stress and re-energize and empower your business and your life.



Workplace Wellness

‘OnSite’ Stress Busters & Mindfulness Sessions

Using visualization, breathing and relaxation techniques to restore your body and renew your mind. Enjoy guided meditations, journeys and stress management techniques to empower your life and your relationships. Available for Speaking engagements, Lunch and Learn sessions, Onsite Massage or full day programs for groups.

Making Your Life Work – from the Inside-Out 3-part series (each 1 hour in length)

  • Discover the 3 steps to Balance your Life
  • Find greater meaning and purpose to ‘Why” you do what you do
  • Create more joy and happiness in your life choices


Ready, Set …Goal! – (3 hours)

  • Learn the 5 Time Savers that will help you focus
  • Develop 3 Skills to help you become clear of your priorities
  • Learn the secret to setting realistic, achievable goals


Happiness from the Inside-out (1 hour)

  • Learn 2 easy steps that will make you happy independent of time, money, weather and people
  • Discover the 2 methods to achieving happiness
  • Receive a daily practice that is guaranteed to bring you more happiness into your life


Just Breathe (1 hour)

  • Would you like to have better health in your Life? More Energy? Better Relationship skills? Less Stress?
  • Breathing mindfully is the cheapest and the lightest way to have it all!
  • Learn the 5 Qualities of breath and what they can mean to enhancing your life
  • Experience a powerful way to breath that will help you achieve success in any area of your life


Shift Happens (3 hours or a 3-part series)

  • Does life feel like it is just ‘happening’ to you and its moving so fast that it has knocked you off your centre?
  • Do you feel ‘off’ track and have little time or energy for who and what you love?
  • Is your body feeling the stress of your life?
  • In this series, you will experience 12 quick body points that will clear your mind of stress and centre you.
  • Experience a powerful way to breath that will help you achieve success in any area of your life
  • Learn 12 simple exercises that you can do sitting at your desk that will discharge tension from your mind and body.


10 Habits to a Stress Free Life (1 hour)

Has Stressed moved into your life and Peace moved out? This is a fun and experiential class that will give you 10 quick and easy tips to help you evict the Stress out of your life!

Finding Peace in a World of Change (3 hours or a 3-part series)

  • Develop 3 skills to help you maintain balance and peace in times of change and challenges
  • Learn how to turn a ‘bad’ into a ‘good’ to create positive potential
  • 3 Steps to address fear so you can overcome it to give you more energy, joy and better health


Migraine Management (1 hour)

Are headaches and Migraines taking you out of your life?

  • Learn 3 healthy ways to prevent Migraines
  • Identify the triggers so you can reduce the frequency and severity of these
  • Discover what the ‘migraine’ may be telling you and helping you with in your life.


It’s all about me – Relationships at their best! (1 hour)

Tired of the gossip and complaints about not getting needs met? Frustrated about someone’s behaviour and no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to change? Relationships can be our greatest joy and our greatest burden. Learn how to make your relationships a Joyful connection. Learn skills to transcend gossip and complaints so ‘good things’ are put into action. Learn 3 tips to help yourself have more love in your life.

Desserts – Turning Stress inside-out (1 hour)

Learn how Stress can be ‘A Good Thing’ and how your can turn around any challenging or difficult situation, whether it is with money, health, relationships or career, into ‘The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me!’. Get inspired and learn 3 skills that will bring sweetness to your life and situations.

Stephanie Allen’s workshops, “Making Your life Work – From the Inside-Out!”, truly helped our employees achieve a work-life balance by creating visions for both their professional and personal lives and by identifying the best use of their time, energy and knowledge to accomplish their goals. Stories of Stephanie’s own personal journey, combined with her boundless energy and true passion to help others find personal empowerment, were instrumental in inspiring our employees to realize their ideal lives and go for it!Linda Townsend Marketing Director – Retail Manager 20 Vic Management Inc.