Unpaid Time

Unpaid Time

Drivers are usually paid for miles driven. Some are paid waiting time, unloading time, and even break down time. However, there are many duties carried out by drivers for which they receive no compensation.

Challenge Yourself to Move Daily

Move Daily

Get into a long-term relationship with moving! It’s so easy to be sedentary and get out of the habit of exercising. It seems that so many people fail to keep it a constant in their lives. Why is that?

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So, you work a lot? That means a lot of different things to different people. It could mean that you feel you work all the time or maybe you put in a lot of hours per week. Maybe you feel that your time management skills could be better.

Respect & Trust Go Hand in Hand


Respect plays a huge part in our everyday life from our relationships, to our work, to our families and so on. It starts with a positive feeling, then action shown towards someone or something. Respect in a relationship is the first thing, whether it be with your partner, a family member or your work, it is a vital part of your existence and how you live everyday.