I have been seeing a lot of apps lately, that can alter or change a person’s appearance before posting the pic to social media. It may seem innocent enough to change your appearance and most of the time it might just be something fun to do, but there is a bigger meaning behind it.

If we look at superstars that we role model after, as they do this all the time, it can appear that they look flawless in every pic. Unfortunately, we know that no one is perfect. This has been setting a disturbing precedent in people as they can be influenced easily by this. It gives the impression that people are perfect, therefore, causes the mind to believe this, if we are told it enough times.

Media is the best way to get direct access to the consumer and influence everything we do or say. How we dress, to how we think. Companies and celebrities are trying to sell you products. We are being constantly bombarded and sold to in the media. This has become a normal way of life because we see it all the time. There is no shock value anymore. It must be ok, or is it?

It may seem that the superstars on tv have everything going for them all the time. Which most adults know isn’t true. It gives a false sense of representation. As a society, we have become consumeristic and are far more focused on the outer stuff, rather than looking inside ourselves to be our best self.

We are born on this earth all unique. We each have our own looks, features, gifts, and talents that we are naturally good at. Our natural gift may be someone else’s weakness. This is where we can work as a team to excel and help each other win. We sometimes don’t always know right away what they are, but hopefully, as we go through life, we will find them.

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Remember that you are who you are. Be proud of that. There is only one of you. No one else can take you, because you have already been taken. Embrace who you are, follow those gifts, strengths, and passions, because you never know where that may take you. It’s true, you can do something you love and make a living at it. I did!

So, why would you want to alter your appearance in the first place? The belief behind it is that we don’t feel we are good enough or that we won’t be loved. It’s that simple. We may feel that we can’t live up to someone else’s expectations or lifestyle because of the way we look, or our confidence level, our self esteem or whatever else may be in the way. We are our own worst critic. These are outer things that are superficial and don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s what’s inside you that counts.

Until next time…

Dana G Smith, CSIC

Dana G Smith CC is a Certified Professional Development Coach/Consultant and co-creator of The Mindful Trucker, helping companies and professional drivers have more connection, communication, and overall job satisfaction.