Stress + Pain → Success

Stress + Pain → Success

by | Jan 9, 2020

Your Stress and Pain Can Lead You to Success

Pain is often a sign that our deep self is wanting attention. And when the pain is really bad, it can make us present enough to stop and drop in to discover our gifts and strengths. This can be the gift of pain to help us grow and become our best self.

Odd that it takes pain to make us slow down or even stop. And when it does so, it often comes with fear, frustration and hopelessness. What if we could see pain as a gift or opportunity, a calling from our deep self to help us develop more love within and to realize what is important?

In Chinese medicine, it is thought that over 70% of pain and illness is on the emotional/mental level.

When we have a fear-based thought or emotion, our body reacts with a fight or flight response. This response shuts down our capacity to think, speak and see clearly, focusing all our energy on survival only.

This cycle creates a chemical imbalance that stays in our tissues, muscles and organs. When we consistently have this pattern it becomes a habit and our character. If we don’t address this cycle, our bodies and lives become restricted and painful, and eventually we become filled with disease.

The American Medical Association has been quoted as saying that 88% of all dis-ease is stress related.

Only 12% of all illness may be contributed to genetics. That means we have a lot of control and power to change our state of health, our habits and our behaviour.

So with both the East and West determining that our mental/emotional and stress level is the main contributor of pain and disease, why aren’t we addressing the stress?

Our society likes pain… I know it sounds crazy, but we are addicted to having pain and stress for 3 reasons:

It gives us something to do (yes, most of us are bored in our lives). This is why people often complain and gossip; it distracts us from discovering our True Self. Most chronic pain comes first as mental thought and emotional reaction before it lands/settles in our body.

It gives us permission to make ourselves a priority, to take time off or to say ‘NO” without having to justify or feel guilty. Saying “no” without pain requires knowing our values and loving ourself love.

When pain is bad enough and long enough, it becomes a motivator to discover our True Self. Discovering our gifts, strengths and values make us aware so we can consciously choose better work, relationships, passions, and communities. Self discovery, respect and self worth are not always encouraged in our culture; pain may be a doorway to empowerment.

So how do we change this cycle?

Turn your pain into success!

Here are 5 tips for turning pain into success:

Become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

If you are feeling pain and tension in your body, what are your thoughts telling you about your past, present and future? What emotions are you experiencing? Anger or frustration? Fear, anxiety or uncertainty? Sadness, grief or loneliness? Doubt or hopelessness? Or maybe you just feel numb? Catch the thought! Write it down and ask yourself, “is this something I think about often?”

Notice where you hold tension in your body around this thought.

When you catch the thought, pay attention to your body. To change the pattern you must become aware. Practice relaxing the muscles and breath deeply into the area of discomfort. This requires you to Tune in and be present to your body. Every time you RESET and RELAX you are RETRAINING your body/mind to stay at peace and healthy. This will take time, willpower and self love. You are worth investing in this practice.

Think differently!

Re-write your thoughts. What is the pain helping you become or do? Re-envision the pain as a good friend who is helping guide you to grow and love yourself.

Stop it!

Stop the behaviour that is causing you pain and start planning to take action that loves and supports you.

Get support

Find a Therapist or Coach to help you tune in and stay loving and empowered.

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie Allen (BSc, RMT, LAc.) is an expert at unleashing people's potential. She's passionate about people who seek a new mindset and inspiration to make a "Shift Happen." Book Stephanie to make an inspired shift in your mind/body to claim your right relationship with work and life. Book a Session

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