Self-Care for Massage Therapists

Self-care for Massage Therapists

I’ve now reached 5 years as a Registered Massage Therapist. I feel very blessed to have several Massage Therapists in my life who have been working for 15+ years. We are told in school that the burn-out rate for RMTs is about 6 years. I continually find myself asking the more experienced therapists in my life, “what is the key to a long and healthy career as a RMT?” The answer is often the same: self-care. Take care of yourself.

Here are some of the self-care tips I’ve been given and practice regularly:

  • Exercise regularly but don’t over do it. We get used to our job, but it is still physically and emotionally demanding. Fuel yourself up with exercise, don’t beat your body down.
  • Stretch often, and work on your flexibility. Keep your joints healthy and happy.
  • Take time off. Simply said. Take days off. Take vacation. Cut back for a bit if you need to.
  • Respect your own boundaries. Don’t let your clients guilt you into working more when you’re booked solid at your max. Respect your body. Don’t give 110% of effort and burn yourself out in order to help a client. You probably aren’t helping them.
  • Drink water, get plenty of sleep and eat regularly during your work day to keep your body fuelled.

Thank you to all of the other massage therapists in my life who have taught me so many lessons, skills and always help me grow.