Re-Opening June 8, 2020

Re-Opening June 8, 2020

by | May 29, 2020


We miss you and are so excited to invite you back into our space!

We are preparing the office to welcome you for appointments beginning June 8, 2020.

New Rules for the Office:

😷 Please wear a mask if you have one. We will have some at the office, but it would be best if you bring your own.

🕓 Please come at your exact appointment time to decrease traffic in the waiting room area. If you are early, please wait in your car until your session time. We will have 30 min between clients to protect everyone’s health and well being.

💳 For Payments: It has been advised to use only credit cards, debit and e-transfers. If you prefer to use cash/cheque, please put the amount in a sealed envelope with the therapist’s name on the front.

🧾 All receipts for sessions will be emailed to you. If you need a physical copy, please let us know 1 day prior to your session so we can prepare and have your receipt available for you.

🖥 Our online booking site is up and running. We encourage you to book online so you are guaranteed to have focused time on you and your session, reducing the amount of time (contacting surfaces) in the office. We are happy to support you on how to use the online system and can book future sessions at the time of your treatment if needed.

📝 There will be a COVID-19 form on your appointment reminder emails.
It is imperative that you sign and agree to the requirements before coming in for your massage.

🧼 Gateway Wellness office has posted guidelines in regards to hand washing and using hand sanitizer. We are currently making a healthy approved version for you to use through The Way Botanicals.

To our Myofascial Release and Acupuncture Clients:

We ask that you bring or wear shorts/leggings and a tank-top/bra-top. This will maximize your treatment time, offer greater comfort and reduce costs for additional laundry and supplies.

Thank you for your continued support, patronage and trust in our ability to serve you. We look forward to restoring health in our community beginning with you, our current clients.

Stephanie Allen

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