Open Up Your Posture

Open up

I want you to turn to your side and look in the mirror.
  • Is your head in line with your spine?
  • Is your chin forward or tilted down or up?
  • Are your shoulder blades sticking out?
  • Do you see a lot of rounding in your upper back?
If you answered yes to any of those your posture needs some attention.
Now, I don’t believe anyone’s posture is “Perfect.” We are all made differently. But we do need to find the perfect posture for our own body and the activities we perform on a daily basis so that our body can perform at its best.

Images by Freepik

Step 1: OPEN UP

Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Over-emphasize a big chest stretch. Lift your chin up to the sky if that feels good to you.

Step 2: HOLD IT

Hold this big chest stretch for 1-2 minutes, two or three times per day. If you’re really trying to change your posture you’ll learn that doing one stretch a day is better than none, but doing this 2-3 times per day really makes the difference.


Keep it up! Find new ways to stretch and open up through the front of your body.

A slouched posture will affect a lot more than just your back and neck. While that pain is uncomfortable, there are even bigger things going on inside your body when you slouch:
  • You can’t breathe as deeply because you’re restricting your diaphragm from expanding.
  • Your digestive tract can get a bit squished, which may lead to issues like IBS and indigestion.
If you are a runner, your posture is EXTRA important. If you slouch when you’re running your glutes won’t engage to their full potential which can lead to muscle imbalances, possibly muscle cramping and pain.