Mindful Snowshoe Adventure

Mindful Snowshoe Adventure

by | Feb 18, 2021

We hosted a mindful snowshoe excursion last weekend, and it was fabulous! Did you know that you can borrow snowshoes at the Amherst Stadium, Cumberland YMCA and Four Father’s Memorial Library, for free?

We met up at 10am on Saturday morning at the Amherst Bird Sanctuary, strapped on our snowshoes and set off together, socially distanced, of course!

Let’s Go!

Start to move and pay attention to your breath to find your inner rhythm.

Begin to sync up your steps with your breath: inhale for 2 steps, exhale for 2 steps, or in for 4, out for 4.

After a short journey to our first resting place we pause and each take the time to really tune in to the intention we want to hold for ourselves.

Who do I want to be and what qualities do I want to embody in my life?

Now it’s time to get moving and warm up our senses.

As we breathe in rhythm with our steps, we inhale and exhale with focus on the intention we each set, feeling it in our breath and body as we move. We empower our intention to guide us further into nature.

Some will stay with the group, some venture off on their own. We may stay out in the open, or seek the shelter of the woods. Without actively deciding, we allow our senses to lead us.

Next we tune our listening.

What do you hear? Listen for sounds that are near and far. Hear the conversation between the sounds that are far away and close by. Notice the space and silence between the sounds.

Now we tune our eyes.

What beauty do you see? Does anything strike you as visually interesting? Where do you look and what sights are your eyes drawn toward? 

Throughout the journey we collect items, sounds and sights that attract or speak to us.

When we return to our group resting spot we share our experiences and reflect on how the things we noticed, felt and experienced might have been gifting us insight to help hold our intention.

We close the experience with group connection and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate, tea and energy bites together.

We encourage everyone to take home their treasures from the day and make something (Ice Art!) to commemorate the experience.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

We plan to offer more mindful nature adventures in the future. If you are interested in participating, let us know! And be sure to subscribe to the Gateway Newsletter to stay informed.

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