Kinesio Tape for Knee Pain

Kinesio Taping for Knee Pain

Are you worried about knee replacement? Has your doctor informed you it may be necessary?

The idea of surgery is a scary feeling for a lot of people. Our knees play a big factor in our posture, how we walk and move.

Knee pain can make you walk with a bit of a limp or cause you to shift your weight to the other leg, which then affects how the rest of your body moves.

So… how can taping help?

After taking my training in Kinesio taping, I have taped more knees than any other area.

Kinesio taping of the knee can:

  • Allow more fluid movement
  • Improve the quality of movement
  • Improve range of motion
  • Decrease pain
  • Decrease swelling

Now, to be clear, if you need a knee replacement or have a meniscus tear, Kinesio taping will NOT fix these structural problems.

What it will do is improve your quality of life while waiting to have surgery, and for many people it allows them to continue working because they can now manage their pain and move better.

If you are post-surgery for these issues, Kinesio taping will assist your body in healing.

Don’t let your knee pain hold you back!