How often do you hear people say, “There’s not enough time in the day!” or “I can’t take on anything else, I’m just too busy.”

I, too, am guilty of this. Working two jobs, running my own business, taking a course, managing a household… it has become my mantra lately. But let’s face it, there is plenty of time, what it comes down to is prioritizing what’s important.

In my work what I often hear is, “I don’t have enough time to eat healthy.” Work, kids’ activities, exercise, housework, social life, all of it takes up time.

My question is: “How much time do we waste”? Surfing the net, watching Netflix, playing candy crush, scrolling through social media…name your technological vice. These are all things that we often get lost in, not just for a few minutes but hours. So, it’s time to take back control of your actions and start prioritizing the things that are important…like your health!

Here are some quick tips to help make eating healthy easier and less stressful:

1. First things first, you MUST make a plan. Meal planning is essential to ensure that you have all your ingredients on hand or know what you need to shop for (and so we don’t sabotage ourselves if nothing is thawed and there are only french-fries in the house!) Once the plan is made it makes it easier for those with family members to jump in and help out. The hardest part is always deciding what to make! Have your “go to” recipes that the family loves but I challenge you at least once a week to try something new… a new recipe or a new veggie. Mix it up and have fun!

2. Batch cooking…an absolute must for the busy professional. Preparing meals that you can either freeze or have for multiple meals is a game changer. Eg. Chicken breasts for Monday supper then chicken Caesar salad (with left over chicken) for next day’s lunch. Or a large pot of soup or chili you can eat for several lunches or freeze for future use.

3. Do as much prep (chop veggies & measure out ingredients) on the weekend for the upcoming week and bag in correct portions. This saves a lot of time during the busy work week.

Getting the whole family involved in eating healthy takes the stress off one person trying to do it all. Delegate! Even small children can peel carrots or shell peas! Cooking together as a family is a way of spending quality time. Turn on the music and make it fun!

Download your free meal planner and get started today!

Originally posted June 29, 2018.

Shawna Boyce

Shawna Boyce (BPE, L.Ac, DNM) is an expert in creating optimal health and lifestyle balance for busy professionals who want to have more time and energy to care for themselves and their family. Being a mother and small business owner, she understands the needs of her clients and can adapt for individual challenges that arise. Call Shawna to book an appointment: 902.667.3646