As a massage therapist I try to think of how I can resolve problems with simple fixes. Lower back pain, while driving, seems to be a common thing I hear about others experiencing and I have dealt with personally. Some vehicles just don’t have enough lumbar support.

Want a quick fix?

woman driving with towel for lumbar support

Take a beach towel and leave it in your car.

Roll it up and place it behind you in the small of your lower back.

When your spine is in proper alignment it will make you sit up taller. Your shoulders will rest down and back, your neck and head will be in line with your body and not projected forward. Still, you may need to work on keeping your shoulders down and back if you’re chronically tight but that is much easier to do if your body isn’t slouched and curved forward.

P.S. If you carry your wallet or phone in your back pocket, take it out while driving. It will affect your pelvis alignment and lower back causing pain and imbalances. (Yes, even if your wallet is small still take it out of your back pocket while driving.)

Blog originally posted July 24, 2018

Feature Photo by Jantine Doornbos on Unsplash

Kate Skinner, RMT

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