Chase Your Life or Live It

Do You Have Nowhere to Go, or Nowhere to Grow?

If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Have you ever heard that before? In life, we all need to grow, or we die. Its one of the six basic human needs. What does that mean exactly?

When we are born, we don’t know anything. We are taught what to do, how to walk, how to eat, etc. Usually these teachings are done by our parents or guardians. As we grow up we start to acquire skills and knowledge in different forms. Then we go to school, get an education and get a job to support ourselves. Sometimes this is easier said than done. At this point we often don’t know what we want or what we want to do in life. So, off we go trying to figure it out.

We go from job to job, often finding out that we like parts of one and none of the others. Some of us are very lucky to find a job that we love. But most people, not so much! As we continue this journey, we often wonder why we can’t figure it out. Life certainly has its ups and downs. If you’re lucky enough to find something you love, then you are on cloud nine with excitement.

Matter of fact, it’s not luck at all. It’s about what you put out to the universe. You make the space for what you want. It’s about knowing yourself and who you are. It’s about finding your gifts, strengths, passions, and talents and focusing in on them. Not your weaknesses, like you may have been taught to do. It takes a lot of looking inside yourself to figure this out.

Maybe you want to be in control of your own destiny. Maybe not! Maybe you want to be an entrepreneur, maybe not! Whatever you choose to do in life, make sure it’s on your terms. I have a saying; “Chase your life or live it.” It’s your choice.


Chase Your Life or Live It

Chasing your life means that you are behind the eight ball. You are trading your time for money and are just scraping by maybe waiting for that promotion, working at a job you don’t like. Working too many hours, etc. Not knowing what your gifts and strengths are and going farther and farther in debt every month. This is where most people are.

Living your life means doing what you love. Doing work that you enjoy, living life to the fullest and having a financial plan to support it. Having time for family and the things you like to do that fall within your gifts and strengths and giving back to your community.

There is a big difference between the two. This is where growth comes in. Remember I said earlier that if you don’t grow, you die. Well if you’re chasing life all the time, you don’t have the time or space to grow. Your life doesn’t allow for it. If you’re living life, you are giving yourself the time and space to grow. This will create a lot less stress for you and point you in the right direction to achieve the things you would like to do while you’re here on earth. At some point in life we may not be growing. When this happens, you will feel stuck and not sure what to do. This can be when chronic pain surfaces. Pay attention! It is trying to tell you something. Until next time…

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