Challenge Yourself to Move Daily

Move Daily

Get into a long-term relationship with moving! It’s so easy to be sedentary and get out of the habit of exercising. It seems that so many people fail to keep it a constant in their lives. Why is that?

Being Your Own Cheerleader

Relying on others to boost your confidence isn’t a good way to build self esteem. Social media has become a big culprit of this problem. Not everyone is going to always be encouraging even when you’re doing fantastic things. That’s their problem they are projecting onto you. Being your own cheerleader is a way to[…]

Struggle to Find the Good

Having compassion and a positive attitude with others is so important. It can be so easy to get frustrated with someone and roll your eyes. To get a bit deeper… Why are they frustrating you? For example: people who made excuses… It can be irritating but more than likely they’re scared of change. Show compassion[…]