Your 15- Day

Meditation & Mindfullness Practice

“3 Strategies to go from Stress to Success”

Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself and your dreams.

We know your time is valuable and that you want to overcome stress quickly and easily, so I have created a practice for you that is fun and will take less than 15 min/day.  I know these practices will help you have more energy to be your best of self, afford you to be nurtured by what you love and help you to show up to what is important to you.

Here’s What You Get

  • 5 Steps to Clarify your Intention (as MP3 audio and video)
  • An MP3 for Energized Breathing Meditation that will take just a few minutes to practice
  • Instructions that will give you a new “Mind Gem” every other day.  There are 12 different Mind Gems and you will receive a new one every other day to practice, to help you stay focused on your Intention and reduce stress in your Mind.
  • Then, once you’ve had time to learn all 12 Mind Gems, you will receive an MP3 Mind Gem Meditation with Intention Process using all 12 Mind Gems that you can download to practice daily.

Simply fill out the registration form below to get started right away.