Turn on your brain in 10 minutes

Need some energy each morning but a shot of espresso just doesn’t cut it?
Try a quick workout to turn on your brain, awaken your body and start your day off on a positive foot.

1. Know your ‘why’ and remember it when you’re getting started.
For example: “I want to feel more energized” or “I want to wake up my mind”

2. Drink a glass of a water and have a light snack/food (if you choose)

3. Get moving!

Here’s your workout to try tomorrow morning. No equipment needed:

• 30 seconds- arm swing/ hugging your self movement

• 15 seconds- arm circles

• 15 seconds- arm circles(switch directions)

• 30 seconds- butt kickers (fast or slow)

• 30 seconds- squat and reach (squat down then reach up when standing)

• 1 min- slow burpees (hands on the ground, walk each foot back into a plank position then walk each foot back to your hands, stand upright and repeat)

• 1 min- alternating upper cuts (bent arm punching upward)

• 1 min- squat and hold while step side to side

• 1 min- jumping jacks (fast or slow)

• 1 min-front kicks (alternating legs)

• 1 min- forward lunges with arms straight Over head (stepping forward alternating legs)

• 30 seconds-arm swings

• 15 seconds-arm circles

• 15 seconds-arm circles (switch directions)

• 30 seconds- butt kickers

• 30 seconds-squat and reach

Kate Skinner, Registered Massage Therapist

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