Serenity in Nature –“EARTHING”

I was most fortunate to grow up with parents who are nature lovers.  Our family vacations weren’t at five-star resorts or south of the border but usually within a few hours of home either camping, fishing in a little brook, going to the beach, or spending time at the cottage deep in the woods on a lake.   The serenity you feel waking to a sunrise reflecting off a lake, so calm, is like no other.  As I get older and more fully appreciate nature’s beauty it has become a place of spiritual connection.   I’m sad for those who didn’t have this opportunity as a child and continue to not understand the benefits of being in nature.   It is nourishment for the soul and has abundant health benefits.  So let’s take it one step further and really connect by “Earthing”.

Earthing is being fully connected to the earth by direct contact.   I am just returning from a 5 day nature retreat where I seldom had shoes on my feet.   It is such a freeing experience and brings about childhood memories of running on the soft grass or even across the gravel driveway!  We children felt the connection to the earth without ever having to be told what was happening scientifically!  By removing our shoes or laying directly on the earth, we are reconnecting to earth’s electrons.  The Journal of Environment and Public Health states that “Modern lifestyle separates humans from such contact.”  Their research suggests that “…this disconnect may be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and unwellness”.   Earthing has been proven to change our physiology.  It de-stresses, boosts the immune system and mood, lowers blood pressure, increases energy, improves sleep and connects us to something greater than ourselves.

My challenge to you, while we are still enjoying our warm weather, is to take off your shoes, go for a walk in your yard or the nearest park, lay down if you choose and watch the clouds.  Play in the puddles, dig in the dirt, sleep under the stars and reconnect with Mother Earth!

Shawna Boyce

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