Pain! Is Your Body Speaking To You?

How to listen to its advice and find a new world that is waiting for you.

Why do so many people suffer with pain that, no matter how many medications or medical tests, can’t seem to find relief?

As a therapist, I hear this complaint time and time again.

I’ve done everything and nothing works”, my clients will say.   

 Gabrielle Roth said, “When our inner world (soul’s journey, gifts, potential) is out of alignment with our outer world (what we are living and showing the world), the body becomes the battlefield

Many great therapists and mystics believe that the pain is coming from a deeper place within and manifesting in the body to get your attention and wake you up.

Chinese medicine believes that 70-75% of all pain stems from an energetic blockage, or stagnation, which begins with an emotion that is out of balance.  We either suppress an emotion or we over indulge in one that creates pain and dis-ease in one’s body.   American Medical

Association says that 88% of disease is stress related (or what I would say, the inability to deal with our emotions around

being uncomfortable or challenged).

So here is an easy tip to combat stress, unbalanced emotions and to help you make some space to listen to the healing voice inside you.   Yes, you have an inner healer and a sophisticated pharmacy that you can tap into anytime, anyplace. Here’s how….

  1. Slow Down: Pain makes us stop, rest and be still.  Trust it’s your inner healer helping you.
  2. Breathe: A deep breathing breaks the cycle of harmful, disempowering fears, doubts and thoughts.   Take 5 minutes and follow your breath all the way down into your belly.
  3. Ask an empowering Question: Imagine the pain is your teacher and has something to share with you because you are so loved and safe.  Ask the pain… “What is this pain giving me permission to do, be, ask, receive, let go of?”
  4. Listen: We often don’t get an answer right away so pay attention to that question. Watch your dreams, listen to your environment, feel into the pain and give it a voice.
  5. What are you aching for?  What hurts in your World? What are you ‘sore’/sorry about? What’s a pain in the _________”   Once you discover the answers, reflect on taking an action that resolves the conflict.
  6. Talk to someone who can help. More than a friend, you need a coach or therapist that can help you discover what is hiding in the deep self that needs to be recognized and expressed.

Pain can be a magnificent accelerator for your growth and help you step out of a world that no longer serves you.  Everyone is worth living their best life and we all have something to give to make the world a better place.   Let pain be your catalyst to live your extraordinary life!  Your teacher has come, the student is ready.

Stephanie J. Allen BSc, RMT, LAc.

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