Exercise for Happiness

Happiness is KEY to finding what form of exercise is BEST for you body. Some people will tell you running is the best way to exercise your body. Others will say that weight training is the only option. We are all so different. Our jobs and daily life play a factor in what form of exercise works best for us. If you work a very stressful job you may thrive off of Yoga or you may love fitness classes because you just show up and are lead for 45 minutes and you don’t have to plan what you’re doing next. You may work a desk job and to walk or[…]

Essential Oils 101 – An Introduction, Including Methods of Use

Essential oils are pure and natural, they are extracted from plant materials such as flowers, barks, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant. Some refer to essential oils as the life force of the plant. They are extremely concentrated (ex. 100 lbs of lavender yields 1 lb of essential oil). They contain therapeutic properties used to enhance psychological and physical wellbeing. Essential oils are, in fact, not oily or greasy as they do not contain fatty acids. The molecules are minuscule, this allows them to absorb into the skin quickly and enter the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream essential oils have to ability to go anywhere in the[…]

Just Move It

“Consciousness is only possible through change, change is only possible through movement” -Aldous Huxley Do you value your health? Do you brush your teeth every day? Regular movement should be on the daily to do list as well. Movement and exercise release our ‘happy hormones’, give us MORE energy, improve sleep, control weight, increases circulation… the list can go on and on. Let’s go past how exercise makes us look- more importantly it’s how we FEEL. The feeling can last a lifetime where as our physical body will change over the years as it’s supposed to. Nothing is harder than getting started. Take the first step and you’ve already overcome[…]

*HONK* Goodbye to Lower Back Pain

As a massage therapist I try to think of how I can resolve problems with simple fixes. Lower back pain, while driving, seems to be a common thing I hear about others experiencing and I have dealt with personally. Some vehicles just don’t have enough lumbar support. Want a quick fix? Take a beach towel and leave it in your car. Roll it up and place it behind you in the small of your lower back. When your spine is in proper alignment it will make you sit up taller. Your shoulders will rest down and back, your neck and head will be in line with your body and not[…]

Searching for the Magic Pill

Today’s society is always looking for the easy way to get healthy…we either don’t have enough energy, time, or willpower to get the level of health we want and think it should be as simple as taking a pill, shake, or trying the next fad diet.   We are a culture of immediate gratification and convenience but unfortunately, although some of these “fixes” may work for a while, they are not lasting. I am here to tell you there is no “magic pill” but having a healthy mind and body is not rocket science.  You just need to make a commitment to yourself because if you don’t do it, no one[…]

What others say about you?

What others say about you? Reveals more about them, than you. Remember as children we would call out names to each other only to be responded with “I know you are, but what am I?”  It seemed like a great way to deflect the insults and judgements that were being hurled at us. As an adult, it’s not appropriate to respond this way yet profoundly the childhood saying is actually quite accurate.  We can’t see something in someone else without it already being inside us, in fact, sometimes the only way to see ourselves is to project it on to someone else. Let’s explore this concept: If someone says: “You[…]

Sleep ZzzZZ

How often do you hear people say, “Sleep is for the weak.” Actually, lack of sleep will make you weak. Especially if you’re an active individual. Sleep is so important for recovery! Have you ever noticed after a good night’s sleep you can sort through problems better the next day, think more rationally and have more strength/energy? There’s no coincidence. Sleep is vital for our daily functioning. Ideally 7-9 hours of sleep is best. “There is a small fraction of <1% of the population, that has a certain gene that allows them to survive on 5 hours of sleep. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than have[…]

Rose Essential Oil

Now that roses are in full bloom right now, I want to talk about Rose essential oil…. Roses are generally regarded as the most beautiful flowers in the world. What flower represents love better than the rose? Rose essential oil has deep, sweet, floral top notes with dusky, honeyed, rosy overtones. Feminine, romantic and just absolutely divine. For the longest time I associated rose scented products with old lady smell. After smelling true rose oil I can tell you nothing is farther from the truth! Some benefits of rose oil include: Fights depression, anxiety, boosts self-esteem and mental clarity Sedates inflammation, fever and microbial infection Antiseptic, so it is useful[…]