Plan To Move

Do you work a desk job? Feeling sluggish during the day? Getting up and moving can make you think faster, be more productive and efficient. Getting up and moving allows more blood flow through your body and brain. Eating every 2-3 hours through the day, drinking enough water (see blog about water to calculate what[…]

Exercise for Happiness

Happiness is KEY to finding what form of exercise is BEST for your body. Some people will tell you running is the best way to exercise your body. Others will say that weight training is the only option. We are all so different. Our jobs and daily life play a factor in what form of[…]

Just Move It

“Consciousness is only possible through change, change is only possible through movement” -Aldous Huxley Do you value your health? Do you brush your teeth every day? Regular movement should be on the daily to do list as well. Movement and exercise release our ‘happy hormones’, give us MORE energy, improve sleep, control weight, increases circulation…[…]

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