Busting Busy and Creating all the Time in the World

I am often told, “You are so busy!!!’

I’m not sure if people who say that to me are stressed that they can’t connect with me or if they are reflecting on the busyness (or lack of meaning) in their own life.

Maybe most people relate ‘busy’ to mean ‘There’s no time to do all the things I want to do’.

Here’s my secret to getting and doing so much:
1. Know what you want. Write out your future vision (or draw it) and list your values, purpose, and mission.

2. Align all the things that are key to bring you closer to fulfilling this vision. (Skills that you need, connections you need to make, resources … break it down.)

There is always time for what is important!!!!

Know what is important and how it will feed your vision… If it doesn’t feed your vision, it’s either not important or you need to revise your future!

So next time you say, “You’re so busy” to someone, maybe that’s really saying, “You’re important to my future vision.”

So… ask for help,
…invest time and
…know your priorities!

Stop being a person who doesn’t follow their mission and purpose, and start giving yourself permission to go for a different life: a life that is aligned with your vision and values – then, you’ll have all the time in the world. And ‘busy’ will become fulfillment!

Stephanie J. Allen BSc, RMT, LAc.

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