Easy Ways to Include Aromatherapy in Your Everyday Life

There are easy ways to include Aromatherapy in your everyday life. Essential oils can be a powerful tool to help boost your health and wellbeing. If you’ve ever wondered how then read on for some quick and easy tips! • Sniffing directly from the bottle. This is the quickest, easiest way to enjoy aromatherapy. Crack open your bottle of choice, inhale deeply several times a day or when needed. You may also place a drop or two on a tissue to sniff or place under a pillow. • Diffuser. Various styles are available but any will do. Electric with mist has a reservoir which you fill with water and several[…]

Essential Oils 101 – An Introduction, Including Methods of Use

Essential oils are pure and natural, they are extracted from plant materials such as flowers, barks, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant. Some refer to essential oils as the life force of the plant. They are extremely concentrated (ex. 100 lbs of lavender yields 1 lb of essential oil). They contain therapeutic properties used to enhance psychological and physical wellbeing. Essential oils are, in fact, not oily or greasy as they do not contain fatty acids. The molecules are minuscule, this allows them to absorb into the skin quickly and enter the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream essential oils have to ability to go anywhere in the[…]

Rose Essential Oil

Now that roses are in full bloom right now, I want to talk about Rose essential oil…. Roses are generally regarded as the most beautiful flowers in the world. What flower represents love better than the rose? Rose essential oil has deep, sweet, floral top notes with dusky, honeyed, rosy overtones. Feminine, romantic and just absolutely divine. For the longest time I associated rose scented products with old lady smell. After smelling true rose oil I can tell you nothing is farther from the truth! Some benefits of rose oil include: Fights depression, anxiety, boosts self-esteem and mental clarity Sedates inflammation, fever and microbial infection Antiseptic, so it is useful[…]

What is an Aromatherapist?

What is an Aromatherapist? Answering the most common question I’m asked. When I tell someone that I’m an Aromatherapist their response 98% of the time is WHAT IS THAT? An Aromatherapist is trained in the holistic modality of Aromatherapy which is the study of essential oils to promote health and wellbeing. I began a Certified Aromatherapist Program in 2007. This included 400 hours plus case studies learning about essential oil chemistry and their therapeutic properties, anatomy/physiology/pathology as well as aroma massage. Aroma massage is a specialized treatment that incorporates a client specific essential oil blend into the massage. This is different and unique for each person, tailored to their needs[…]