Being Your Own Cheerleader

Relying on others to boost your confidence isn’t a good way to build self esteem. Social media has become a big culprit of this problem. Not everyone is going to always be encouraging even when you’re doing fantastic things. That’s their problem they are projecting onto you. Being your own cheerleader is a way to build your self confidence and self worth. If you’re doing great things and others can’t see that or push their opinions on you, you can recognize that and walk away without your shine being darkened by their negativity. Use your passions, talents and skills to uplift your self and others. Yes, there will be struggles,[…]

Struggle to Find the Good

Having compassion and a positive attitude with others is so important. It can be so easy to get frustrated with someone and roll your eyes. To get a bit deeper… Why are they frustrating you? For example: people who made excuses… It can be irritating but more than likely they’re scared of change. Show compassion instead of just getting annoyed with their excuses. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ – Mahatma Gandhi Having a positive attitude, finding the light in the negative situation or just telling someone you care can go a long way. I challenge you to: 1. Compliment 3 people today: Give a deeper[…]

Turn on your brain in 10 minutes

Need some energy each morning but a shot of espresso just doesn’t cut it? Try a quick workout to turn on your brain, awaken your body and start your day off on a positive foot. 1. Know your ‘why’ and remember it when you’re getting started. Ex: To feel more energized or wake up your mind 2. Get a glass of a water and have a light snack/food (if you choose) 3. Get moving! Here’s your workout to try tomorrow morning. No equipment needed: • 30 seconds- arm swing/ hugging your self movement • 15 seconds- arm circles • 15 seconds- arm circles(switch directions) • 30 seconds- butt kickers (fast[…]

Plan To Move

Do you work a desk job? Feeling sluggish during the day? Getting up and moving can make you think faster, be more productive and efficient. Getting up and moving allows more blood flow through your body and brain. Eating every 2-3 hours through the day, drinking enough water (see blog about water to calculate what your water intake should be) & movement will keep you feeling energized. Set an alarm every 30-45 minutes and get up. Walk to the photocopier, water cooler, washroom or talk a lap around the office. Healthy snacks between meals will also keep your brain alert and beat the afternoon sluggish/needing-a-nap feeling. Here are a few[…]

Exercise for Happiness

Happiness is KEY to finding what form of exercise is BEST for you body. Some people will tell you running is the best way to exercise your body. Others will say that weight training is the only option. We are all so different. Our jobs and daily life play a factor in what form of exercise works best for us. If you work a very stressful job you may thrive off of Yoga or you may love fitness classes because you just show up and are lead for 45 minutes and you don’t have to plan what you’re doing next. You may work a desk job and to walk or[…]

Just Move It

“Consciousness is only possible through change, change is only possible through movement” -Aldous Huxley Do you value your health? Do you brush your teeth every day? Regular movement should be on the daily to do list as well. Movement and exercise release our ‘happy hormones’, give us MORE energy, improve sleep, control weight, increases circulation… the list can go on and on. Let’s go past how exercise makes us look- more importantly it’s how we FEEL. The feeling can last a lifetime where as our physical body will change over the years as it’s supposed to. Nothing is harder than getting started. Take the first step and you’ve already overcome[…]

*HONK* Goodbye to Lower Back Pain

As a massage therapist I try to think of how I can resolve problems with simple fixes. Lower back pain, while driving, seems to be a common thing I hear about others experiencing and I have dealt with personally. Some vehicles just don’t have enough lumbar support. Want a quick fix? Take a beach towel and leave it in your car. Roll it up and place it behind you in the small of your lower back. When your spine is in proper alignment it will make you sit up taller. Your shoulders will rest down and back, your neck and head will be in line with your body and not[…]

Sleep ZzzZZ

How often do you hear people say, “Sleep is for the weak.” Actually, lack of sleep will make you weak. Especially if you’re an active individual. Sleep is so important for recovery! Have you ever noticed after a good night’s sleep you can sort through problems better the next day, think more rationally and have more strength/energy? There’s no coincidence. Sleep is vital for our daily functioning. Ideally 7-9 hours of sleep is best. “There is a small fraction of <1% of the population, that has a certain gene that allows them to survive on 5 hours of sleep. You are more likely to be struck by lightning than have[…]


This week a client was in and complaining of headaches. I asked how them much water they are drinking each day? Often headaches can be caused from dehydration. We are usually told to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, which can be confusing. How much is in a glass? Do we need to drink more or less depending on our activity level? What about our differences in our weight and size? Here’s an easy way to calculate how much water is right for you: Your body weight (ie. 200lb) divide that in half (100lb) and that is how many ounces you should be drinking (100oz). For some, you may[…]